lauantai 5. marraskuuta 2016

The colours of Samos

This is Greece.

Old beauty in Pythagorion

Reading on the beach makes my holiday perfect.

Hiking in the olivewood makes me feel happy.

This is my fifth post about one of, in my opinion, the loveliest places in the world. This video leaded us the first time in 2011 to Samos island in Aigean Sea near Turkish coast. Thanks to Dimos Kasapidis and all our friends in Greece! 

Have you ever explored Greek islands? Which one is your favorite? What makes that a special place for you? 

I love greek salad, cold frappe, dolmades, feta cheece and the experience of enjoying marvellous weather. I have visited Samos in June, July, August and this time also in smooth September. Altogether I have spent seven weeks of my holidays having fun in Pythagorion, Ireon, Vathi, Kokkari, Seitan beaches, Mourtia, Kerveli, Posidonio, Manolates, Vourliotes, Pnaka, Platanias... We have been hiking, walking, resting, driving, cykling etc. all over the island. 

We have heard that in October the sea is warm and calm like oil. It must be specially peaceful because the travelseason is over then. Our goal is to find out how we can get there easily in autumn when the straight flights are no more available. If you have any tips about possibilities we are grateful for your help and advice. 

Greetings from Finnish winter! Tuija

Megalo Seitan

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