sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2016

Samos lovers

Last September I had my first holiday alone in Samos island. My destination was Arion Hotel in Kokkari in the north coast of island. In my Finnish blog Koti meidän I have also written about our adventuries earlier. Take a look!

When I came home I wrote a post about my feelings during the holiday. I saw everywhere couples and friends together and I must admit that I missed my family. Somehow it was marvelous to walk in peace up the hill and take lots of photos.

Samos is an interesting place where we are going to return many times. Next time it will be nice to show these new places to my husband.

Samos has a good public transport and it is specially cheap to take a trip round the island. The roads are also in good condition if you prefer to rent a car. This island is known about beautiful beaches and the nature is untouched.

Expecting great journeys next summer! Tuija

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