sunnuntai 31. joulukuuta 2017

Hello there!

I love puzzles so I made some kind of collection for you. Instagram has nowadays daily part of my life. I am so happy to get supportive feedback of my Samos impressions. #islandworthtovisit hashtag leeds you to lovely feelings from Samos. 

           Brilliant New Year! <3 Tuija, photoblogger

Villa Iiris Photography

sunnuntai 3. joulukuuta 2017

Memories and souvenirs


Outopia Pythagorion

Samos in in my mind every day!

Villa Iiris Photography

I have a tradition to post a picture in Instagram early in the morning. Have you noticed that? I enjoy to take a look at my wonderful memories from lovely holidays of us. 

These pictures in this post includes some important things for me. Fouta -blankets are marvellous. I have found those from lovely 2TheLittleStore and jewelry is hand made in Pythagorion. Outopia has a special place in my heart. 

Third picture shows what kind of clothing feels good when it's hot. Kaftan, sun hat, flip flops and a good basket are invaluable while having trips all around island. Bikinis which are made in Greece has turned out the best.

Next flights are booked! Happy Christmas time for you all! Tuija

maanantai 13. marraskuuta 2017


Poros Sea Side

Last summer I met Alice in Wonderland. Her husband runs Poros Sea Side in Potokaki beach. She loves to crochet and in this place is lots of lovely handicraft which is made by her. Next time I'll take along my knitting and hope to have an handwork appointment. 


I'm sure that every individual has a different kind of wish for a perfect holiday. I need my favorite sun hat, the world's famous basket, sun glasses and the most important is my best companion. 

Blue Boat

Little things makes a bracing vacation. Peace, inspiration, enthusiasm are a good start to plan a perfect journey.  1980's we had our first adventures together in Greece. Then we had a tiny tent along. Since then I have loved greek salad, sun, sea and simple, easy life. 

Sea Side Poros

Many of our dreams has actualized which makes me specially grateful. I have visited Samos seven times. Next holiday is under planning. This island has lots of places which we'll like to visit. 

This year we found a nice little studio in Pythagorion. I am quite sure that it will be again our next goal. Do you have plans for your next visit to Samos? What do you prefer: a hotel with a giant pool and huge breakfast or something else like us? I'm sure that you find a perfect holiday destination if you want. Night or two I like to stay on a hotel but most of all I prefer our peaceful, private breakfast at out own balcony. In Pythagorion we have a familiar coffee shop just around the corner. I hope that this nice habit continues. Lauri walks there every morning to buy his coffee and something sweet while I prepare our yoghurt with fresh fruits and granola, seeds and honey.

It's wonderful to make plans when it's raining and boring in Finland. All the thousands of pictures from our trips makes me happy. I have a tradition to post one picture first thing in the morning in Instagram

I have a problem with my ear and in my hearing aid is two different kind of waves. Another I call Kokkari and another one is Potokaki. I sleep like a baby while listening these noises which takes me to the relaxing beach.

Winter greetings, Tuija


sunnuntai 5. marraskuuta 2017

Samos impressions

Can you feel the same serenity?

The atmosphere in Samos island is peaceful. Friendly people doesn't make only business with travelers. They care about their customers. 

Now in November I miss so much those sunny days on Potokaki walking, swimming, reading, relaxing...

See you again! Tuija

lauantai 28. lokakuuta 2017

Collaboration in Samos

Studios Kallisti

Every time visiting Samos I look around everything through my camera. At the same time my presence is complete. The atmosphere makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. The sounds, smells and feelings is a unbelievable ensemble of things I really love. 

My pictures from Samos island offers me lots of energy during this long winter period in Finland. When I look at these sunny photos I can imagine ourselves having fun in Samos. Studio Kallisti has a perfect location in the centre of Pythagorion. Soon we'll make the reservation for our next holiday.

All the bright colours looks amazing. I have been following the Samian weather during this autumn and noticed that it is still like a good Finnish summer. All the plants and herbs makes me powerfull allthough I can look at those only on the screen. 

Studios Kallisti

Traditional feta cheese pie is one of my favorite snacks. 
Oh, how I miss it. 

Bakery at the Main Street

In Greece I have noticed that I am almost a different person. I drink a cappucino every morning and frappes as a refreshment during our journeys and a glass of sweet wine is perfect in the evening at our balcony. After a tasty dinner a cup of  ice cream is a lovely dessert.

Storia Dolce - gelato artigianale

The streets of Pythagorion are quite familiar to us. But I am sure that there is still lots of corners to explore. 

I am specially grateful about all my connections and co-operation in Greece. First time we went to this island because we found suitable for us this lovely Boutique Hotel Naftilos with had age limit 16. This week without kids in the beginning of June in 2011 convinced our decision to come back with our family. 

In Instagram you can find more pictures from all these great accounts. Go for it!

If you are wondering where to go in Greece
I can tell you that Samos has lots of different opportunities for you to make a decision. You can travel alone or have fun with your friends. There is many places suitable for a nice vacation with your children or just with your partner. All inclusive hotels and little private studios all over the island and many other options is available. You must think about what is your dream holiday like.

Our holidays in Samos has been full of happy moments while walking, photographing and enjoying the warm summer days. Summer 2018 will be my eighth journey to the landscape of my soul. 

If you are interested in co-operation or you want to ask something about my experience about Samos don't hesitate to contact me:

Best regards, Tuija

maanantai 2. lokakuuta 2017

October feelings

Autumn is here. 
I am happy to have thousands of pictures with Samos power. 

There is a light in the tunnel! 

Soon it is again time to travel to Samos.

Positive attitude helps to take step by step.

Samos lover, Tuija

Loukoutekis Castle Pythagorion Samos Greece

tiistai 19. syyskuuta 2017

My Samos impressions

I feel nostalgic. Year ago I was leaving hotel Arion in Kokkari after a wonderful holiday. My friend Argiro from Visit Samos agency took me to a delicious supper to one of the most personal restaurants. Sorry I don't remember the name just now but I'm sure you know it if you have been in Kokkari. It is colorful and full of handmade things and beautiful furniture. Really decorative! Write a comment and help me, please!

Samos is somehow really familiar to me and at the same time full of unknown corners. Hope to see as many of those as possible in the future. 

Almost every day Samos comes to my mind. Summer, sun and sea makes me feel happy also in the pictures. I can feel the atmosphere through the photos which empowers me. Do you know the feeling through my Samos impressions? Welcome along!

                                          Best wishes! Tuija

Pappa Beach Ireon Samos Greece Hellas

sunnuntai 10. syyskuuta 2017


Are you suffering homesickness? 

I must admit that this summer in Finland was really unstable and almost every day I dream about walks with my camera in my favorite island just like one year ago. Lucky me!!

I love our home and country life here but I try to figure out how to combine both my love ones in this situation when it is necessary to work every day to earn money to travel to Samos. My dream is to publish my pictures from Samos.

Have you seen my pictures in Instagram? I am so grateful about my over 500 followers! Beautiful pictures empower me. How about you?

Best wishes, Tuija

torstai 17. elokuuta 2017

Happy anniversary!

Efcaristo poli Samos!


#IslandWorthToVisit is Samos. 

#tuijalauri2017 was our goal to have a lovely holiday together in this island. Yes! We had perfect time in our paradise.

Peace, sun and sea including long walks and cycling along the sea front. Lots of wonderful memories which I'll share with you until autumn comes.

I have to admit that I have a new dream... and I'm sure that some day it will come true just like my earlier dreams. Year ago I felt really lucky. Samos in September was amazing. 

I am a dreamer and I hope that you enjoy my posts here and in Instagram

             Welcome to follow our journeys! Tuija

keskiviikko 10. toukokuuta 2017


Samos really is  #IslandWorthToVisit. You can walk, hike,  drive a bike, rent a motorbike or a car. Taxis are nice and safe. Public busses are also a good way to travel through this lovely island.

                                                  Have you already booked a flight? We have!

                                                              Best wishes from Finland! Tuija