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"Mourtia. One of the most beautiful areas of the island of Samos we found in the east of the island, in the bay of Mourtia. It is a hilly area with olive trees and pines. Here are some fantastic beaches such as the beach of Mourtia. This beach is accessed through the village Kamara. When you use a navigation, type in “Kamara”. When you are in the village of Kamara, signs will point you further down the road.
Mourtia is located two kilometres east of Kamara and about eight kilometres from Samos town. The beach of Mourtia (pebbles) is reminiscent of a beach in the Caribbean Sea that because of the turquoise colours of the sea, lush greenery and palm trees on the beach.
On the beach there are no chairs or sunbeds, there is not even a snack bar. There are a lot of fishing boats, tourist boats and yachts sailing in the bay. The environment here is truly paradise. You can drive to the beach and park at the beach.
South of Mourtia there are two beautiful beaches, which are the beaches of Mikri and Megali Lakka. These beaches you can only reach on foot, there is no motorway. Another option is to sail here.
Want to have a beautiful view of the Mourtia Bay, it is a must to drive through a beautiful route (on foot as well) to the Zoodochou Pigis monastery, located on a hill north of the bay. The view is phenomenal."
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This a beach which is also waiting for us. A perfect place for a picnic.
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