keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2016

Our dream

                                                        One island many worlds

    ”I’ve got a golden jacket   
     made of sunset of Samos 
     and I've got a glory made 
      of your first smiles.
    Four months 
    April, May, June and July
      are building four corners of my soul.”
                                                                       -Yannis Ritsos-
 made of the lights of the 
waters,  golden jacket made of th
We have a dream. Next summer is our 30th wedding day. Our dream is to spend 30 days in Samos.

This magnificient island has so many places which we have not yet explored. All our lovely friends are waiting for us.

November is the darkest month in Finland. There is not yet snow on the ground and in the evening the scene of countryside is full of shades of black or gray. Now it is a perfect time to make plans for next holidays!

Samos means sun, sea, delicious food, friendly people and rest in peace. This green island has so much possibilities for different kind of travellers.

May our dreams come true! <3 Tuija

"I’ve got a 
                                             e un

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