lauantai 29. syyskuuta 2018

My heart belongs to Samos

These two hearts I photographed some years ago when we were driving by bike from Pythagorion to Ireon. Then we were not anxious to stay in this little village. 

This summer we decided to book an extra holiday in Ireon. The decision was a perfect one. Ireon is a peaceful place to have a relaxing holiday.

Photo by Maria Karavatou

Instagram leaded me to these beautiful rings. Both of these is made by talented Maria Karavatou. She is a Creator/Designer at Kerannymi jewellery.  Their workshop is in Manolates which is a photogenic village on the mountains on the north side of Samos island. 

When I use these rings I got a wonderful feeling and power of our happy memories.

Holiday makes me smily and relaxed. My passion is to take pictures everywhere I go and you can imagine how much photos is in my albums. 

My blog is the place where I can share my sun and shine. 

Enjoy it! Hugs, Tuija

tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2018


Two years ago I was enjoying Samos by myself. Before that many times been there with my husband and daughters. Afterwards just the two of us having fun. Every time I fell in love more and more with this spectacular island. 

The name of my blog tells how Samos includes to my every day life. Samos in my mind is my precious hobby which gives smile on my face. 

Just the same happy feeling was when we were looking at this cute little boy playing with stones on the beach. Hope that my pictures may give you good moments. 

You can follow me in Instagram. Link is under the photo of me. 

                               Greetings, Tuija

sunnuntai 12. elokuuta 2018

Efcaristo poli Samos!

Seven years ago we found this island like a pearl in Aegean Sea by this this video. This summer was a special one. 

During our holidays in Samos we met our friends, enjoyed delicious meals, sun and sea. Later I'll post here about our adventures. 

My passion is to capture impressions and feelings in our paradise which makes me sentimental and pleased and happy with my companion.

In Instagram I have shared over 500 pictures and a lot more is coming out this autumn. 

Welcome along! Tuija

perjantai 20. heinäkuuta 2018

Always, sometimes, never


Samos is a good choice for a holiday.
With this post I participate to a finnish blog challenge. 


I take pictures all the time, everywhere. 
We travel always together.
When we rent a car it will be a white Jimny from now on. 
In the office of Aramis in Pythagorion we have been taken good care of us with my strange wishes. 
Efcaristo poli!

I eat at least one greek salad per day. 
I am happy in Greece. 
I dream about Samos almost every day.

We read books on our holidays and wear sunglasses every day.

Our hobby with my hubby is to be dressed well-matched.


The weather can surprise you. Sometimes it can be cloudy. 

Exploring new places is one of the most nicest things on our holidays.  

Mastiqua is a perfect drink to get a refreshind feeling while walking or cycling.

Sometimes it's nice to wake up early and sometimes sleep as long as you want. Lazy days are a part of a perfect holiday.

Break every now and then is a must to sustain the relaxing mood. Looking over the view and just stay in the moment is the best part of life under the sun.

A perfect outfit for day's journeys is a must. In greek heat you don't need tight clothes. Shoes must be as comfy as possible. Use those always before your holidays. My favorites are: OTZ -shoesflip flops and newest favorites are KEEN -sandals. Sometimes it is important to use swimming shoes although it is possible to go for a swim with KEENs.

If you want a good tip I recommend to buy bikinis in Greece because they make perfect ones. The material and models are very well made.


I have never been happier about any victory than two years ago about this: photo contest. I couldn't understand how much this will mean to my personal life. Never say never to your dreams!

My dream is to learn to ride a horse as well as to have a photo exhibition called Tuija's Samos impressions. Never know what is behind the corner. If you know a perfect place to arrange my dream event please contact me. You are welcome to join my adventures in Samos island! 

                       Greetings from Tuija, photoblogger

lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2018

Greek colors

Many people has been asking me about Samos. It isn't easy to give an advise or two what to do or which are the places worth to visit.

Only thing I can say to a traveller in Samos:

Follow your heart and listen your instinct. Intuition leeds you mostly to the right direction if you let it help to make decisions. 

For me Samos is a pervasive experience again and again. State of mind contributes how the adventures in this green island influences on you. 

Greek colors affect me deeply. Every time I see turquoise it makes me feel happy and cheer up. White is clean and fresh like wanilla ice cream. Black suites me well says my hubby. It makes me feel strong like greek coffee. 

This summer I have a new favorite style. You can identify me from silver nail polish. 

Bright, hopeful, optimistic, shiny and brilliant summer!

<3 Tuija, lady with my brand new silver flip flops

tiistai 22. toukokuuta 2018

Party time

                                 Oh how grateful I am! 

This spring has been wonderful. I have posted lots of pictures from Samos. Usually once a day one photo wanted to be be published. 

My account samos_in_my_mind  has now reached my goal: 1000 followers! This makes me really happy!

As a prize for myself I'll buy a new pair of flip flops from Ilse Jacobsen. This summers color will be silver. These are most comfy and nice shoes on the beach and pool

We are anxious to wait for our first visit in this beautiful hotel. Have you been in Kalidon Panorama Hotel? The view from the balcony is perfect. 

Sunny wishes from Finland, Tuija

keskiviikko 4. huhtikuuta 2018

1,2,3... Summer in Samos

These pictures tell my vision of a good start for a perfect holiday. 

First soon after landing to Pythagorion I need a huge, delicious greek salad in restaurant Polikratis. Then we walk to the nearest beach to throw away our winter coats. 

Third tradition is to rent bikes and drive to Ireon for a delicious orange juice. 

All you need is a vacation in your paradise. 

My latest dream is to make post cards from pictures I have taken. What do you think could someone be interested in those? 

Spring is the first kiss of summer!

<3 Tuija, the photoblogger