tiistai 26. maaliskuuta 2019

Life is full of adventures

Samos has lots of beautiful places to explore. Almost every summer we have rent a white car from a friendly lady in Pythagorion. She knows already that I am that 'white car woman'. Last summer I drove first time ever my dream car: Suzuki Jimny. It was perfect to drive to the beaches and all over the mountains to Drakei and Ampelos. At home we have an automatic car but it is also familiar to drive a car like this. Of course it feels different but it is the magic of adventures.

Aramis Car Rental's blog offers you suggestions of nice routes all over this photogenic island. It was a nice surprice to find my picture in Aramis advertisement. What do you like about it? 

Looking forward to summer 2019 in Samos! Tuija

lauantai 2. maaliskuuta 2019

Memories in my mind

Pictures are mysterious.
When I look at these memories I can enjoy our happy moments again and again.
There is so many lovely places in Greece to explore.

Do you recognize these popular sights? Is there your favorite ones in Samos? 
Which one doesn't belong to my Samos impressions?

Have a nice Saturday evening where ever you read this post!
Best wishes! Tuija

maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2019

What do you do in Samos?

A couple of days I have been wondering what to answer to a question: What do you do in Samos?

We have had many wonderful holidays in this island 
which invites us again and again. 

Our recipe is simple.

Rent a white car.
Delicious food.
Good feelings.
Lots of love.

Enjoy with your dearest companion.

<3 Tuija

Pythagorion in my mind.

perjantai 15. helmikuuta 2019

Powerful pictures

Samos island lives in my thoughts every day by these pictures which we have taken thousands or more. I got lots of energy of these memories and feelings while creating new posts.

What kind of thoughts you get when you look at these photographs in our blog? Greece has been in our lives since 1984. Then we travelled by train from Vienna to Athens. 

Relaxing Greetings! Tuija


sunnuntai 10. helmikuuta 2019

Samos lovers since 2011

A couple of days ago I was looking at our old pictures and these Samos impressions made me specially happy. Since 2011 Samos has been our place to have great holidays. 

Next summer will be my 10th vacation in Samos. We are glad to have lots of good friends there. Peaceful, private accommodations are places we prefer. 


Anyway it is wonderful to explore new places all over this island.
 If you have good suggestions for us we'd love to hear about those. Pleace don't hesitate to contact us! We are willing to meet you and have co-operation. 

Greetings from Finland! Tuija

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2019

Kalidon Panorama Hotel

                              Welcome to visit Kalidon Panorama Hotel with me!

The road from Kokkari to Karlovassi just before Lemonakia beach

Co-operation post with my blog

Last year we landed on a cloudy Samos island which seemed a little bit strange for us. We started our holiday in Pythagorion as usual but in the morning we took a bus to Kokkari. In the village we had a lovely swim behind the interesting corner and then we walked up the hill to our target. From the main road to Karlovassi you'll turn on your left just before Lemonaki beach which is a wonderful place. You need definetely swimming shoes to get safely to the sea. I felt really hot and thirsty when climbing to the hill although it wasn't specially shiny day.

Thirsty blogger coming to the hotel

Kalidon Panorama Hotel offered us a junior suite for a good price. Thank you Maria at the reception for your kindness!

 This is the most stylish hotel I have ever been. Happy to notice that my night dress suited so well on the bed which had very nice matress and bed linen. High quality!

After a quick shower we went to the pool bar for a lunch. That Greek salad tasted gourgeous with a glass of white wine as always in Samos. Holiday feelings are the best feelings!

This sofa in the is one of my favorite places in this lovely hotel. The view to the pool is calming and the atmosphere is peaceful. Just like we expected. 

One thankful couple on the sofa #samos2018

The pool area was tempting but we were there only a while because we wanted to walk slowly back to Kokkari for a dinner. On the way we went to say hello to  our friends in Arion Hotel where I was staying in 2016 for a week. It is in the neighborhood.

OTZ shoes are perfect for walking.

In the evening Kokkari looked like this from our balcony. 

The pool was even more tempting with beautiful lights on. I'd love to have a calming night swim there. Sorry, but it is not allowed. 

We slept really well in this wonderful room on the upper floor. Early in the morning I woke up to take some pictures of the sun rise. It felt amazing to have a private photo shooting in a place like this. This greek life offered me memories which makes my life like a dream. Touched!

The breakfast room looked like this. I hope my pictures tell you the story better than my words...

The breakfast was marvellous as much I ate. I was so anxious to catch the feelings with my camera that I didn't remember to taste everything. Next time I'll just eat and enjoy the experience in peace. I tried to be invicible but I didn't succeed perfect. Many of the guests were curious what I was doing. Hope that some of those reads this post and understands what was the point. It is called blog co-operation. I am a Finnish photoblogger in love with Samos island. I try to share happy moments from our journeys.

This secret garden is really worth to visit. 

The reception area was like this. The person who has designed this has a good taste and lots of visual skills.

 In the lobby the same aesthetic continues. It was nice to notice something familiar. Finnish design from Marimekko suited well to this entirety. 

 I have been writing this post for a long time. There is so much things I'd love to say but maybe it's best that you read my pictures on your own way and make your own conclusions about Kalidon Panorama. My videos from this happy visit will be ready to publish later.

Thankful for this lovely meeting in this luxury hotel which staff was kind to us. Hope to see you all again! This is my hundredth published post. 


 The Greek blue , the refreshing air of the Aegean , the strolls in the everlasting green woods,the crystal clear sea, the feeling of the sun on the nude skin,the music, the pleasure of taste !!! All the senses in ecstasy.You will escape ! And you will return!

                             Yes! We'll return! <3 Tuija and Lauri