tiistai 8. syyskuuta 2020

Samos dreams

I have a dream to have a possibility to sit on this stone again and take a walk down there to the beach for a evening swim.

How about you? Do you have the same dream? 


keskiviikko 1. tammikuuta 2020

Welcome 2020!


sunnuntai 27. lokakuuta 2019

Samos in October

We had a dream which came true two weeks ago. Our flight for autumn holiday from Finland arrived at 16 o'clock on Saturday afternoon to Samos airport. Matkavekka is a Finnish travel agency which made this year these straight flights to Samos in the autumn. At the airport our taxi driver was waiting for us with a nice sign: Samos in my mind. Even the colour of the text was turquoise. Really happy feeling!

Taxi took us to SunRise Hotel in Ireon which is a small fishing village five kilometres from airport. As soon as possible we went for a swim to our favorite beach to catch the perfect holiday feeling at once. It felt so good to come back to this cosy hotel and village.

Our priority was to rest, swim and eat good food. All our aims became true and even more. We walked from Ireon to Pythagorion and met our friend Susanne with her hiking group along the path. Another day we luckily  found bikes for us from John's Rentals. After relaxing days in Potokaki we decided to rent a car from familiar Aramis office in Pythagorion. Our little white car was specially good. I loved to drive it all over the island for two days.

Empty beaches were an amazing experience. After a hectic working period at home it was just the most suitable situation for us. Peace and silence empowered us. Swimming in crystal blue warm water is still in my mind and my body feels that deeply.

Samos impressions have a brilliant effect for my every day life through the pictures I have taken during our adventures since 2011. This trip was our 10th together and first as grandparents which was the most important thing to celebrate.

Koti meidän is my Finnish blog. I wrote a post called Samos mielessäin which means Samos in my mind. Take a look if you want to see more photos from our autumn journey.

Weather forecast looks like first snow is coming to Finland. I suppose that this temperature is something like winter in Samos. Someday we'll visit and get to know it also as well spring.

The most wonderful thing during our holiday was the lightness and levity while the most important every day was to do nothing and we had time for that. One week can feel like a longer period if your state of mind is good and flexible. Mindfulness is the key for a successful vacation. You can stare at the waves and pebbles and that is enough.

Looking for all the happy moments now at home in Finland
and in the future in our other home in Samos island!

Hopeful greetings! Tuija called Samos in my mind

maanantai 7. lokakuuta 2019

SunRise Hotel

Summer 2018 we had first time our vacation in Ireon. We were walking and cycling in the neighborhood enjoying easy holiday feeling. It was our extra week in our loveliest island. We fell in love with this tiny village.

The main road through the village was peaceful and traditional. In the square people gathered in the evening to socialize and children were playing. 

There were lovely beaches to rest and swim. Our favorite swimming place was  just beside Eptastadio

Many times we were wondering what kind of hotel was that beautiful building called SunRise Hotel. At home I sent an email and asked about reservation for summer 2019 and after all we had lovely five nights at this place in last June. Those days were a wonderful start for our dream holiday in Samos.

SunRise Hotel is a family business runned by Popi and her children with great staff. Hotel is build by Popis father and young generation has lots of fresh ideas to renew the atmosphere and decor with respect to the hotel traditions.

Hotel is full of lovely details and the lobby area is inviting as well as the breakfast room and the pool area with stylish white sunbeds.

We got a room with sea view on the second floor as we wished. My passion was to take lots of pictures of  sunrises early in the morning. Our pleasure was to open the doors and listen to the waves and feel on our skin the first sunshine's rays.

Every morning we went for a swim. It was only couple of minutes to walk to our favorite corner for a refreshing experience. After that it was time for a delicious breakfast: fresh oranges and the most tasty bread, boiled eggs, delicious youghurt with honey and granola.

This hotel was intimate and inviting. We felt the hotels good wibes and enjoyed every moment.  There was lots of great traditions with modern twist. The owners were such wonderful, gentle persons. Happy that we met them and we will meet soon again!

Kindly, Tuija and Lauri

sunnuntai 8. syyskuuta 2019

SeaView Apt.

Outdoor shower in my mind

Two balconies in my mind

Beach life in my mind

SeaView Apartment in Psili Ammos was an amazing experience. We visited this beautiful apartment in June. Two nights in a peaceful apartment just beside the sea made me feel like this was the best holiday ever. It felt like paradise!

As you can see in these pictures this apartment has been decorated with love and good taste. When we arrived to Psili Ammos we met the lovely owners: Chris and Artemis. Thankful for their hospitality and the possibility to stay in their place for two nights.

The kitchen is fully equipped if you want to cook yourself. Near is restaurants if you want to go for a lunch or dinner. You must walk only few minutes by the beach. 

Easiest way to arrive to SeaView Apt. is by car but it is also possible to come by boat from Pythagorion harbour every now and then. I am sure that Artemis and Chris will help you with this opportunity.  

In this village is one small Mini Market where you can buy supplies for your breakfast. Bigger markets are few kilometres from Psili Ammos.

The sandy beach is suitable for little children because it is shallow. This apartment is most suitable for an adult couple. There is lots of proper stairs. 

The yard was also really impressive. All the details were planned precisely. Lots of green plants all over the garden where was a cat with its little kittens playing. Reality television show was to look at those.

One of the numerous great details was the outdoor shower. I fell in totally love with it. After marvellous days on the beach it was an unprecedented experience to take a shower outside. However the bathroom inside was also the most stylish I have ever seen.

We enjoyed our staying to the moon and back. Lauri was playing his guitar on the balcony while I was photographing all over the SeaView Apt. 

On the beach was a specially perfect tree for my hammock. There was also two sun beds for us and a traditional chair for my musician. Yes, we had the most wonderful time in Psili Ammos which is just opposite to the Turkish coast. We saw lots of nice boats while we were sitting on the balcony or swimming in Aegean Sea. Water was warm and refreshing at the same time. 

I am so happy that we had this co-operation with this skilful couple. I hope you can feel the distinctiveness of this excellent apartment which is only a few steps from the beach. I can recommend this place for your holiday from the bottom of my heart.  

Samos in my mind, Tuija

                          Life is the most beautiful fairy tale. 

                                                    - H.C. Andersen