tiistai 29. marraskuuta 2016

Samos Sun

Hotel Samos Sun near Pythagorion in the village of Nea Poli was our destination in summer 2014. We had our rooms in a beautiful (red like a rosebud) building up the property with a great view towards Potokaki beach from our little balcony. We had a great holiday.

Breakfast was served in a terrace with lots of climbing bougainvillea plants. Charming place and I remember that delicious fresh orange juice. There was also other flowers in big pots all over the hotel stairs. Hotel was clean and fresh. 

Swimming pool was filled with sea water which felt good.Service in the pool bar was nice. Thanks Yannis! 

It was about nice walk to Pythagorion. It took only about half an hour to walk from Samos Sun to the centre. Taxi was only five euros. 

We love to rent bikes and and cycle along the beach to Ireon and other places. There was also nice to run in the evening from hotel to Chora. It is a little village near Nea Poli. 


Pappa beach


Honey man's store near Ireon

Potokaki beach

Poros Sea Side


Samos has a special place in our hearts. We made our first interrail with backpacks over 30 years ago and nowadays we return to these lovely places again and again. Ten weeks in ten years is not enough yet. 

                      Holiday dreams, Tuija

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