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lauantai 13. elokuuta 2016

Samos calendar

Villa Iiris

Today is a rainy day in Finlad. This melancholic feeling makes me miss our marvellous journeys in Greece though it's nice to light candles in our veranda.

Two years ago I made a power calendar for my husband. We have taken  lots of beautiful pictures and I selected some of them to this use. 

I had a black calendar, washitapes, glue and lots of inspiration. 

This calendar is still really congenial, empowering and eternal in Lauri's workshop Koti meidän. 


 If you click this link : Villa Iiris Photography you'll find our photos including Samos memories. I participated in a Photo Contest

Wish me luck! Tuija

Edit: More photo memories

#Villa Iiris Photography
Now in November it's nice to look these pictures full of sunshine. <3 Tuija

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