torstai 17. marraskuuta 2016

Arion Hotel

Arion in my mind!

    Look at the pictures and find the peaceful, beautiful, fresh feeling!

This hotel offers you lots of gourgeous flowers in garden and clean environment to enjoy your holiday.

" Arion Hotel in Samos is named after Arion, the famous poet and composer who lived in Samos. Mythology relates that once while he was travelling by sea, pirates stormed the boat and threatened to kill him. Arion requested that he be allowed to sing the last song. The wish granted, he sang with such feeling that a flock of dolphins gathered round the boat and when he was thrown overboard one of them carried him on its back safely to the shore." 

The four star Arion Hotel is located on the North coast of Samos island, near the village of Kokkari, 10 km from Samos town and 25 km from the airport.

It is only 600 meters from two of the island's most stunning beaches, Lemonakia and Tsamadou, whose sparkling waters are perfect for all kinds of sports.

As for getting to and from Kokkari village the hotel's minibus transports guests free of charge every half hour. 

This cat was like a tiger. I'm sure that he is waiting for us. The pool area was cosy place to rest. The service in the pool bar was perfect. Greek salad and frappe! Delicious refreshing lunch!

Miss you! Tuija

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