torstai 19. tammikuuta 2017

Holiday plans

Today is the 19th of January. It's time to make some serious plans for summer 2017. I checked a few possibilities of accommodation in Samos. Most important criterion is a cosy bed with good mattress, white sheets and clean bathroom. Atmosphere is important. The feeling that this is it. We think that we have found this holidays destiny. Perfect for us.

We have had good experiences during these years in this lovely Aegean island. Boutique Hotel NaftilosSamos SunStudios Iris and Arion Hotel are familiar places which I can truly recommend. This time we want new experiences: peaceful places where we have not yet visited, morning swims and endless walks in olive groves and seaside. Not specially big plans, just enjoying to be together in our favorite island. 

I hope you get sunpower from my pictures. 

Best wishes, Tuija / Villa Iiris Photography

Boutique Hotel Naftilos, Pythagorion

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